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East Suffolk CBT Practice respects the privacy of all its clients, therefore due to the sensitive nature of problems clients seek help for some testimonials received are anonymous. Others have given their consent for their names/initials to be used. 

I would like to share some of the testimonials received from clients who have used the service.  


I have suffered with anxiety my whole life and by my mid 30s I'd had enough and decided to look for help. I found East Suffolk CBT purely by chance and I am really pleased I did. The sessions are professional and tailored to your personal needs with loads of information and handouts provided. Most importantly Joyce is incredibly kind and understanding and easy to talk to and this really helped me to get the most out of CBT. Joyce helped me to understand anxiety and to learn to manage it. By the end of the sessions I felt empowered to take control of my anxiety rather than letting it control me. Vickie, February 2019


Joyce helped me very much when I was trying to deal with difficulties at work which left me with no choice than to leave a job I really enjoyed. CBT helped me to deal with negative thoughts and refocus my efforts on getting well, to prioritise myself and what  would help me to get better. I found that the therapy focuses on solutions and looking forward, which really helped me not to get caught up in the 'why' something had happened, but rather on 'what' I could do to feel better about the it. Joyce is a very experienced and thoughtful therapist to help anyone through a difficult time, and support them with tools to take them forward. I'll always be grateful for the things she has opened my eyes to. Jane, April 2019 


Joyce has a very professional and caring approach, and is incredibly insightful in relation to my condition. Joyce has provided me with support when  I needed it, outside of my appointments and has helped me through a difficult time. Joyce taught me how to think about and manage my OCD much more effectively using CBT techniques, which has lead to me feeling much better. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking CBT. Anonymous, July 2018 


I started a course of CBT in the hope that it would help me climb out of a period of depression and also to tackle some of the longer term issues of a bi-polar condition. 

CBT is about helping with your life now, today and for ever after. 

Initially Joyce introduced me to simple techniques of recording, assessing and sometimes quantifying my day to day activities, thoughts and feelings. I did this many times and over time, this allowed me to assess my life in a truer light. Then I was able to measure improvements and even the odd set back in a more balanced way. This was hard in the beginning. However, in time, things gradually started to improve. I continue to work hard at my life every day, but have some good ways of measuring how things are going and other techniques to help me anticipate when my health might be under threat and to hopefully take avoiding action. I sometimes found that doing an exercise for one issue, that I unexpectedly gained insight into other problems along the way. 

I continue to use CBT techniques on a daily basis. I record my daily activities. This gives me a chance to reflect on what I have done, what I enjoyed and didn't enjoy. This gives me time to reflect on what I might do differently next time ….

There are other exercises like " THINK" and "Problem Solving" which I found especially helpful and use a great deal. I was glad that Joyce was able to suggest complimentary reading material to the handouts and exercises that she gave me. I found these extra resources really helpful and I refer to my notes and books as and when needed.

During my journey with CBT I have committed fully to the tasks and exercises . It has been worth all the time and effort, as it is time and effort I have committed to improving my life and my situation. MB, May 2019